Time to get excited about some
Great Shows in Store!


Rod Cook and Larry Murante gave a wonderful performance May 4 at Duvall House Concerts.We have some great shows coming up in the next few months. But first, we want to express our gratitude to Larry Murante and Rod Cook for making our May 4th concert a total blast.
As soloists, they complemented to each other perfectly, and in their duo pieces they just about burned the house down!

If you missed them—or want to hear more—you’ll find Larry’s website at http://www.LarryMurante.com, and you can follow Rod on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Rod.Cook/.



~Upcoming Shows~

The Nell and Jim Band perform at Duvall House Concerts on July 14, 2019.We’ve just booked one of the hottest bluegrass/country bands we’ve heard: The Nell and Jim Band will grace our home on July 14th (which is also Bastille Day, so don’t forget to wear your beret!). Look for details soon!
Choro das Tres performs at Duvall House Concerts on September 1, 2019. 
September 1st, Choro das Trés will again visit from their home in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Sisters Corina, Elisa, and Lea—along with their father, Eduardo—bring a level of virtuosity one might expect from world-class classical musicians. Plus there’s all the charm of a family that adores playing their native music for small-town audiences in the rural outreaches of Seattle.

Dean Stevens performs at Duvall House Concerts on October 26th, 2019.
October 26th, join us to hear Dean Stevens, a singer-songwriter-guitarist who hails from Boston. Dean embodies the true spirit of folk music, evoking the spirit and vision of community and justice in the world, and does it with an energy that has completely won us over as fans.  We don’t host a lot of singer-songwriters, but Dean is so exceptional that we jumped at the opportunity to have him visit.

NOTE: Reservations for each of these shows will open approximately one month beforehand. Our reservations fill so fast, please be sure to sign up on our mailing list and reserve the moment you get our announcements (you think we’re kidding?).

About Duvall House Concerts

We call it “kick-ass music in a laid-back setting,” which pretty much says it all. This is not a business or business-related activity. We just love offering friends and guests fabulous live music in a relaxed home environment. Come visit us in the charming town of Duvall—under 40 minutes from Seattle—and enjoy a performance in the company of friendly people who appreciate great music!

We provide light refreshments (you’re welcome to bring food and beverage to share). There’s a requested donation of $25 (100% goes to the musicians). Please bring children only if they can sit quietly during the performance—we love them, but we don’t have a space where kids can be kids.

Why Are Reservations Required?

Our venue holds just 30 seats, so reservations are required. We encourage you to Reserve Seats ASAP! We’ll get right back to you with an email confirmation, including our address, directions, and additional details. You pay when you arrive. We ask only that you let us know if you need to cancel.

Be well,
Tina Blade & Marc Hoffman